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10 Feb 2012

normal ? bagi ziqa tak...

at 21:10
hai korang :)

ari ni ziqa nak kongsi pasal buku cerite yang ziqa jumpe kat facebook..mungkin korang dah tau pasal nye..tapi ziqa nak bagi tau kepade yang tak tau..

ni ziqa nak kongsi..
ceritanye :
Everybody thinks we are really happy. But I am not. My Dad is always working. And when he comes home, he screams a lot. That really hurts me.
Mom cries sometimes because she does not know what to do. Then she holds me telling about her unhappiness and problems.  It makes me feel very uncomfortable and strange. I really wish my dad would spend time with me instead of screaming and yelling.
My uncle Pete comes over sometimes. He lives with us every now and then. He is really kind to me- holding me, listening to me and making me feel loved. One night when he was holding me, he started touching my private parts. Over time he taught me to touch and play with his. It felt very strange, scary and a little good to. He told me it was OK, that this means he really loves me. This went on for several months. He told me “This is our special secret”.
Mom and Dad would fight. I thought they did not love me. Maybe they fought because of me. When I became a teenager, I started feeling really different from the other guys. Some of them called me names like “[censored]”, “[censored]”, “[censored]”, “[censored]”.  I did not know what they meant.
After a while, I went to a counselor for help and advice. I told him my story and that I thought I was gay. He said I wasn’t gay. I just missed my Dad’s love and was taught wring things by my uncle.
He said it was very bad, what my uncle did to me. He should never have touched my private parts, or have me play eith his. The counselor said it wasn’t my fault, that my uncle took advantage of my need for Dad’s love. He explained that because I didn’t experience affection.
He said he also would contact uncle Pete and make sure he got help. The counselor explained to my Mom and Dad about my struggle and need for Dad’s love.  He told them of my confusion about being gay. He told Dad that I needed his TIME, TOUCH, and Talk.
Mom and Dad went to a counselor who helped them love each other. They even stopped fighting.. well at least most of the time. My counselor  and I met with uncle Pete. I told him how much he hurt me. He cried and asked me to forgive him. That helped me a lot.
Now I realize that I am not gay. Spending time with my dad really helped m heart. All I needed was his time, touch and talk. Finally , I am happy at home.

tapi..bagi ziqa
buku ni tak sesuai untuk kanak kanak sebab ziqa pun ade mengalami zaman kanak kanak
budak budak kan sentiase ingin mencube
lagi pun dalam cite tu ade perkataan LUCAH yang telah diTAPIS(tapi dalam buku tak tapis)..
nak ke anak anak mude bace buku macam ni?
macam mane kalau die cube ?
mungkin ngan kawan kawan atau adiknye sendiri..
bahaya tu..
mak mak kat rumah
silelah check buku anak anak anda
*hamboih..cham ade mak mak bace blog ziqa*

haziqah berkata terima kasih ♥♥

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